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“If you don’t know where you’re going any road’ll take you there” 

I don’t know where I originally heard the quote, what book it was that I had read it in but it has stuck with me for many years. It was somewhere out west while driving across country that I heard it for the last time.

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“Fly Tying 101” Starting the thread

The first thing you want to do is make sure your hook is secured in your vise before tying on your thread. Once your hook is secured in the vise and your bobbin is loaded with thread, you can begin. Positioning your hands T0 position your hands, hold the bobbin in your tying hand, then… Continue reading “Fly Tying 101” Starting the thread

Fly Tying · fly tying 101 · PHWFF Fly Tying

“Fly tying 101” – Measuring and securing tailing material

Depending on what pattern you will be tying, your tailing material will be different. Some patterns call for a soft hackle like seen here, others use stiff barbules from a dry fly feather and others may call for microfibbets..Z-Lon… floss.. bucktail! (I will have a separate page added here on how to tie in-specifically- dry… Continue reading “Fly tying 101” – Measuring and securing tailing material

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Sunday’s aren’t always sucker free!

For many people suckers aren’t something that they might go out and target when fly fishing. Especially not on a river famous for monster wild brown trout.. But not too long ago on the Delaware river that’s exactly what happened. We had made the drive from our place with all the good “trout fishing intentions”… Continue reading Sunday’s aren’t always sucker free!

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Jalapeño Cornbread Recipe

Jalapeño Cornbread: I don’t know where this recipe originally came from it was given to me by a friend but it is a really great cornbread recipe. Especially if you’re making tacos,quesadillas or even just some pork ribs. It doesn’t dry out like some cornbread recipes do and The green chiles give it a smokier… Continue reading Jalapeño Cornbread Recipe

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“Fly Tying 101″How to wrap a soft hackle

Fly patterns such as the Partridge and Orange,  Starling and Herl or Isonychia soft hackle, are soft hackle patterns. They can be deadly flies when swung through the water column and are highly effective fish catchers even through rising fish. While soft hackled flies considered to be “simple flies” and “staples”  that demand a spot… Continue reading “Fly Tying 101″How to wrap a soft hackle