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Sunday’s aren’t always sucker free!

that face!

For many people suckers aren’t something that they might go out and target when fly fishing.

Especially not on a river famous for monster wild brown trout.. But not too long ago on the Delaware river that’s exactly what happened.

We had made the drive from our place with all the good “trout fishing intentions” in the world, as one normally does while day dreaming and re organize your fly boxes.

But like most last minute decisions when it comes to a quick mid afternoon stop to fish in a populated place. We were far from alone; And as we stood there deciding where to head; upriver or not to avoid the growing crowd…. I looked down.

What the hell..


There had to be about 50 of them

All lined up straight below us where the bank slopes down to the really deep drop off and all of a sudden I didn’t care to fish for much else 😂

We started laughing, tied on a weighted nymph on and had the time of our lives sight fishing for them one by one.

It became like a carnival game, pointing, laughing, yelling “drift it left.. He’s chasing it! Eh.. Never mind..” Then Casting again and then missing the hook set at each cast.

Some Fish taking the flies but us laughing too hard to set the hook in time, Taking turns with One of us trying to catch them and the other cheering us on.

At one point we had one on that was fighting like mad; line screaming!.. and then a man fishing down river yells “that’s huge!! Is it brown or rainbow?!”

.. I yelled back  “neither sir! We’re just fishing for suckers!”

And right there.. The look of disgust on his face made it even funnier when he asked.. “On purpose?! What the hell for?”

The next day I went back out.

I didn’t look for rising fish.

I didn’t look for any bugs hatching.

I just looked straight down over the side of the bank with the hopes of seeing a couple sucker filled shadows lurking in that deep water.



the release
and there he goes!

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