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“Fly Tying 101” Starting the thread

The first thing you always want to do is make sure your hook is securely in your vise before tying on your thread.

Secure the hook in the vise before beginning.

Once your hook is securely in the vise and your bobbin is loaded with thread you can begin.

First you will hold your bobbin in your right hand (reverse these directions if you are left handed) and hold the end of the thread in your left. Position your left hand over the hook while holding the end of that thread

Now begin to wrap the thread AWAY from you and over the hook.

Begin the thread a little ways behind the eye
After two or three wraps your hook should look like above.Continue taking those thread wraps toward the back (bend) of the hook until you have reached the point where you are across from the bard (Or where your pattern states you stop)

Once you have gotten there (if you havent already done it) cut off the tag end of your tying thread. Now you should only have one thread hanging since the piece that was in your hand has now been cut off.

This step is complete! Continue with your pattern from here.

Ready for the next step

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