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On The Vise:Q & A “Substitute material for wild type brown/Iso Soft Hackle”

I had a question from Vicky who I met last year while doing a soft hackle presentation at the Anglers Den, about where to find the wild type brown and what to use as a substitute. The Whiting Wild type brown is one of my favorite all around dark brown hackles but its mostly reserved… Continue reading On The Vise:Q & A “Substitute material for wild type brown/Iso Soft Hackle”

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Outdoor Wanderings: “The Stowaways!”

Well, what started as a last minute day off, scouting for a new bass fishing spot.. Turned into.. A couple of stowaway ducklings?! So after me giggling like a 4 year old about how cute they were, we launched the boat and took off in search of monster bass. At that point we realized there… Continue reading Outdoor Wanderings: “The Stowaways!”

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“Fly tying 101”-Loading/threading your Bobbin

Bobbins. They weren’t always around. Before bobbins were used tyers simply used a length of thread in between their hands to tie flies. I myself have tied without a bobbin as well, but it was only because I had broken it and didn’t feel like leaving to buy a new one. While it wasn’t the most… Continue reading “Fly tying 101”-Loading/threading your Bobbin

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On My Vise: The Starling and Herl

The Starling and Herl is a very quick and simple fly to tie, consisting of only two materials those being peacock herl and starling for the hackle. Hook: Standard wet fly hook 16-18 Thread: Black 8/0 or 70 Denier Body: Peacock Herl (usually from the eye) Hackle: Starling I tie this anywhere from 16 to… Continue reading On My Vise: The Starling and Herl

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“Fly Tying 101” Tying off your material 

When you begin tying flies there are plenty of phrases you will hear repeatedly and after a while they will become automatic. Your tools will become an extension of your arm and you won’t have to second guess. But right now if you are beginning, this may not be automatic yet and some of this… Continue reading “Fly Tying 101” Tying off your material