CFFCM Summerfest 2016.. and the mystery box!

Another summer, another year at Summerfest!

The Catskill Fly Fishing Center and Museums Main Office/Gift Shop

Every year the Catskill Fly Fishing Center and Museum holds their annual Summerfest.

This is a fun celebration for the whole family where they hold a Hardy Cup Bamboo Rod Casting Competition along with fiberglass and graphite which is open to everyone, a barbecue (this year was a pig roast), plenty of vendors, and Agnes Van Put turned 100 this year! Happy Birthday Agnes!

As you walked around the museum grounds there were many friends you havent seen in a while, and new faces to talk tying and fishing with.

Its always nice to see everyone at these events.

Not to mention, Everywhere you turned you could find great buys.

Plenty of fly boxes

I always make a beeline to the books, knowledge is never lost when acquiring the older volumes!

Book sales: My Weakness!
They had a great collection

You didnt have to go far to find something else to catch your eye.

Fine deer hair, great for tying
Quite the table full of bagged hides! I picked up a scrap bag of assorted pieces

Dette Trout Flies had his “always full” display!

His shop is one stop shopping for Partridge hooks, not to mention he has tonsssss of hackle and the best selection of Polish Quills that I have ever seen. Many people ask where I get them when I tie at shows, and this is the place.

Dette Trout Flies with a large selection of material

Hardy Fly Fishing was there in full force! John Shaner was manning Tables full of rods and reels, along with plenty of laughter and fishing stories all around.

Hardy Fly Fishing
Under the Pavilion

Another great place to stop, and honestly it’s a place I cant pass by without shopping is where Mike Hogue of Badger Creek Outfitters sets up a selection of materials, especially those hard to find items.

When I was there I had to drag myself away from a beautiful Dark Olive dyed partridge skin (that I’m still kicking myself for not buying) and continued purchasing my other materials.

Ill grab that next time Mike!

Badger Creek Outfitters
Badger Creek Outfitters

On to the casting competition! This weekend I had the pleasure of meeting and learning quite  alot to improve my casting from Craig Buckbee. He was one of the judges for the tournament and one serious (as these photos clearly show) caster! Ive never seen such casts! Throwing line over 110 feet!

All the judges were having a fun time measuring casts, almost as much fun as some of us casters did as we were dumping piles of lines mid laugh when someone said something funny.

Its always interesting to watch others cast, and to have a handful of professional tournament casters and instructors right there to give you pointers.

Before I left Sunday I made my rounds through the crowds and said my goodbyes.. when something caught my eye.. it was this  Mystery box with a “$25.00 takes the whole box” sign on it..

I flipped through the mass of envelopes, some marked many not and walked .. eh ok maybe I almost ran.. to my truck to grab the few dollars that I was short to purchase it.

Surely Id find enough quarters on the floor!? And i did! So I paid for it and I took it home.

What a find!

When I got home I took a closer look.. and …. !?

well…that surprise, Ill leave for another post!

If you haven’t attended Summerfest, you may want to take a trip to Livingston Manor next time you’re headed out for a weekend in the Catskills.

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