On My Vise: “The BWO Senyo Dub Spider”

Just enough attention grabbing flash for a cloudy BWO day

The Blue Wing Olive Senyo Dub Spider

Hook: 18-22 wet fly hook

Thread: Olive 8/0

Hackle: Black starling

Dubbing: Olive Senyo Laser dub (change the color for BWO in your area)

While many of us use Senyos laser dub for  different patterns, I hear more often than not people telling me that when they think of using laser dub, they think that it can only be used for streamers.

Sure; it is an excellent material to use for the heads on streamers since it can be shaped and brushed out,  I do a lot of bass fishing and I go through a ton of it for streamers. And If you have ever seen Mike Schmidt of Anglers Choice Flies tie at a show you’ll see just how great a streamer head this material can make. (especially the streamer he ties called Mikes Meal Ticket! One of my favorites to tie and fish)

A Laser Dub laden bass streamer after taking a dip in the lake!


But That isn’t the only way to use it, another way is for dubbing on small flies!

The Stewart’s black spider below is a great pattern using minimal materials and it’s tied small. Quite small sometimes.


some of my Stewart’s black spiders tied for the Catskill Fly Tyers Guild’s table during Somerset

The thing is that when I’m fishing a black spider in every day sunny type weather, it works great; but that weather isn’t always so.

I find that small flies on dismal cloudy days (especially when blue wings olives are present since they love that weather) do well when you add a little bit of sparkle to them.

And thats where that material comes into play. Its fine enough for small flies, finer than the usual ice dub we use and gives just enough to get the attention of a hungry trout.

So instead of wrapping that Hackle back like on a normal Stewart’s spider you just keep with a couple minimal wraps up front and dub the body with only that of Senyos Laser Dub in olive.


I hope this will inspire you to experiment with this laser dub in a new way!

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