On My Vise: “Brassies- the unloved little fly”


Either you love em or you hate em:

an assorted collection of brassies

Personally.. I love em.

When it comes to quilting and sewing, I like to stay between three and six months ahead of schedule, it breaks things up a little bit. In the summer I’m sewing Halloween quilts or a winter wall hanging. And in the dead of winter I’m sewing throw blankets for the spring.I like to do the same thing with my flies. I’m tying either three or six months ahead of time because if not, I just can’t seem to find the time to do it right before a trip.If I am fishing in fall, means I’m tying for the spring.And these Brassies are what’s currently on the schedule for my winter fishing/end of summer tying.

In the winter I fish a lot of Caddis and midges, and while these are not exactly zebra midges (which I tie up as well) they do help cover a few bases. Between the shape and the color scheme here it’ll pretty much cover a lot of your caddis patterns and a few midges. The red one works as a midge, the copper one same thing or maybe a tan caddis.. And the pink one?

 Hell if I know, but they like it.

 Before I really started to fish with them there had been plenty of times that I had opened my fly box and Passed right over them. Laughing to myself at those “things” then I would move them around from one spot to another and never use em. But Why? Because they  took two seconds to tie? Maybe just because they’re so small and My eyesight is so bad I just didn’t notice and smashed into they’re holding spot between a slice in the foam?

Or Because they just don’t look fancy enough to work?  Good flies don’t need to take 15 Minutes to tie.

And the brassie is one of those good flies. 


Hook: Caddis/scud

Thread: black 8/0

Thorax: peacock herl

Body and ribbing: wire in your color choices.

These flies are simple to tie because the ribbing is included in the body.

Just start the wire and run it to the back and then wrap it forward in wide turns.

I hope the next time you come across a brassie in your line of vision you’ll Tie one on instead of passing over.

The fish like em, so we might as well learn to also. 😂

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