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On The Vise Q & A- “How to Wrap a Polish Quill with Troubleshooting Tips”

By paying attention to that dark line when you tie in and wrap forward, you will have a clear segmentation or you will have a more of a one colored quill body.

Some flies you tie may require a more solid body with very minimal segmentation. If that’s the case then just tye in the “wrong” way it’s all up to you and what you’re wishing to achieve.But I use the term “wrong” very loosely since your right- may be someone elses wrong. Which is why I am making this tutorial to help you reach the results that you are looking for when it comes to tying quill bodies.

Now The other thing you will notice is the taper of the quill and how there’s a piece of peacock herl at the small end. That will be your tie in point.

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Idle Hands: “Weighed Fly Tying Scrap Bags”

When you get tired of constantly having to drag the garbage can over at home and making a mess at tying shows, you break out that sewing machine and sew some weighted scrap bins! I will have these for sale online and at shows in many different patterns including flies, trout, bass, camping, ect. Close… Continue reading Idle Hands: “Weighed Fly Tying Scrap Bags”

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Book Review: “Free Men”

I can’t speak for everyone, but I’ve heard from enough people and have been in enough book clubs, that I know readers who think a book isn’t as good if there isn’t some kind of an ending that makes you say “oh my god that was crazy wow holy crap what the?!” 😂 Not to say those aren’t… Continue reading Book Review: “Free Men”

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Idle Hands: “The Good Luck Buck Quilt”

There was no way to turn completely around without it fleeing.

But I tried anyway.

It was at my 7:00, almost directly behind me eating in the tree line and i began to turn around at a snails pace. As soon as it was in the corner of my eye sight i heard a snort and it took off. Crashing through the bushes, antlers breaking branches, hooves clicking against the rocks. I immediately yelled “HOLY S?!T! I told you there’d be a big one around today!”

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PHWFF New City NY Catskills Trip: Late Sept 2016

The sun was out and we had cloud cover on and off while we looked over the side. It was a great way to show how water visibility changes with the weather, and how it can make the fish feel a little safer when it comes to moving around for food. Once the cloud cover darkened the sky, the trout would move a little farther for spinners but wouldn’t go as far, and headed for cover in that low water when the sun returned.

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On My Vise: “The Moosemane Olive”, With tutorial and tying tips

Tying them on a heavier hook and then dousing them with a little floatant, will allow them to ride higher in the column and work well on a swing during a hatch. Thats another effective way to fish these since Many mayflies are taken before ever reaching the waters surface, and swinging them is a good way to get a trouts attention when they are targeting emergers.