On my vise: “The Usual”

The Usual. I love Tying these,  they’re quick to spin on a hook and a great pattern to keep on hand.

This fly was developed by Fran Betters, floats like a cork and only uses two materials.  One of those two materials being thread. It’s a great fly to fish  over fast water, it has worked well for me.

“The Usual “

Hook: Standard dry fly hook, size 10-16

Thread: 6/0 Red or Pink

Tail: snowshoe rabbit

Wing: snowshoe rabbit

Body: snowshoe rabbit underfur

Here’s a tip: when snipping off a chunk of fur from the pad area on the snowshoe rabbit you’re going to comb out the underfur, this is to avoid tying it in with a lump.

But Do not throw this under for away! save it and put it in a pile because you will use it to dub the body after.

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  1. Karl Gebhart says:

    Nichole, IN 2000, I believe, I was attending the first ESPN Outdoor games in Lake Placid with my good friend, Doug Swisher and had the occasion to visit Fran’s shop.We were amazed to see him tying the usuals, using the fur from his cat, for
    the bodies. The cat sat in his lap and appeared to have no problem surrendering it’s fur for the flies.


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