PHWFF January 11, 2017 – “Fun with a new technique, rod building sign ups and meeting recap”

Rod building kits are in!

Our January 11th meeting was a pretty busy one! Some of you who have been in our program over the last few years, might remember that this is the time of year where we split the class in two for a few sessions. Some of you will build fly rods with Harry and the rest of you will be tying with me.  The fly tying will also be split up in two groups as well for anyone who is new. New participants will begin with me for your 101 sessions and the other half of the class will continue with me on our 201.

Also If you haven’t signed up for rod building you can still contact Harry at PHWHARRY@OPTIMUM.NET and let him know that you are interested!

We had alot of fun using the double hackle and trim technique to create a caddis body.

Anyone who took material home with them and wants to continue practicing what we went over at the meeting, you can find the step-by-step here for the Lafontaine cased caddis.

And don’t forget about the Project Healing Waters fly tying contest! It is open to everyone in our group. We discussed it last meeting and will go over any questions anyone has at our next session.

The competition is on!

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