PHWFF February 22,2017- Meeting Recap for New City, NY: “Rod Building, A Speech by Bill , Charlie’s Flies and a new volunteer!”

Our PHWFF New City meeting on February 22, 2017 was a busy one!

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Half the room was filled with participants who were working on their rods for the Competition and the other half was set up for our fly tying group. We worked on wrapping quill bodies by stripping a peacock eye herl. If you need a little more help or a brush up on what we did in relation to the tying in and wrapping of quills, please see this link. I will have a quill stripping tutorial up this week.

Bill getting ready to whip finish
Quill body nymphs!

If you haven’t seen our very own Bill Hayes giving his speech during the Mossy Creek Invitational outing I have added a link below!

I would also like to take a second to say thank you to our newest volunteer, Michael Signorelli. For those of you who haven’t met Michael yet he will be helping with our meetings and some outings, so look for a new face in the group!

And if you haven’t seen some of Charlies newest flies, take a look! He has been tying up a storm in class and at home. I remember Charlie’s first day with us,  and to see someone take to fly tying with the enthusiasm and obsession that Charlie has taken to it, is simply awesome!  Charlie has been tying flies less than a year with our program and continues to improve everyday.

A baitfish imitation
This would be great for bass fishing!
The red and white combo are always deadly

Charlie has also started his own blog called Healing on the Fly  so if you haven’t already seen it check it out.

I hope everyone has been enjoying our 2017 sessions so far, Harry and I look forward to the upcoming year. See you at the next meeting!

 Stay tuned for information on an earlier meeting for those of you who are interested in working more on your contest flies, during an open tying session before group.

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