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Idle Hands: “My contribution to a mini quilt swap”

A Quilters guild that I had been a member of before I moved, had a large number of quilters who lived all across the United States. During one of our meetings I heard that we had a sign up sheet for a mini quilt swap. I decided to join and see what I could come up with, then I realized that it was a secret swap in which you had no contact to your recipient until you finished. We were all given the Instagram name of our partner and had to go off of clues they left you there or just come up with your own idea.

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On My Vise: “The Bass Agitator”

Finally use the bodkin to position your eye over the area in which you want to place it. Slide it off the bodkin and repeat on the other side. Then push firmly on both together, basically just squeeze them at the same time to lock them down.