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Idle Hands: “My contribution to a mini quilt swap”

A Quilters guild that I had been a member of before I moved, had a large number of quilters who lived all across the United States. During one of our meetings I heard that we had a sign up sheet for a mini quilt swap. I decided to join and see what I could come up with, then I realized that it was a secret swap in which you had no contact to your recipient until you finished. We were all given the Instagram name of our partner and had to go off of clues they left you there or just come up with your own idea.

Fly Tying

On My Vise: “The Bass Agitator”

Before I began fly fishing I had been spin fishing since the age of 3, (and I’m not ashamed to say.. sometimes I still do! That’s right I said that disgusting phrase! 😂Oh no! How could she Sometimes I take a spinning rod out on a dock during a full moon and I start casting jitterbugs for largemouth for the whole world to see and just dont care?! 😂)

I am a bass fisher-woman at heart, and old habits die hard. I only started fishing for the ‘other’😂species of trout about 3 years ago when had a lull in between ice fishing and bass fishing. As much as I love this new world of learning what goes on in the world of trout, my heart still lives within the confines of those lily pad laden lakes and ponds.

When I fell in love with fly tying and began to come up with flies for bass, I couldn’t just forget everything I had taught myself with that spinning reel, so instead; I incorporated my old techniques in regards to how I tied and fished my flies. I tried to imitate my favorite go-to lures, with one of them being a very lightweight 4″ suspending jerkbait. Those lures are excellent at pissing off bass on their beds and also in cold water when they are still sluggish. The Bass Agitator is the fly I use in replace of a suspending jerkbait, and it produces well when stripped and paused veryyy slowly.