Upcoming Fly Tying Demonstration: November 4th, 2017 @ 1pm

Saturday, November 4th @ 1 PM, I will be giving a fly tying demonstration during the Arts of the Angler show, which is being held at the Ethan Allen hotel in Danbury Connecticut.

I will be demonstrating different fly patterns using the Flymen Fishing Company Wiggle Shanks.These Shanks give more movement to your nymphs and emergers that can help entice some of those picky trout.

If you’re in the area please stop over and enjoy the show! There Will be two days full of fly tying demonstrations and presentations from many people.

So as I always recommend; grab a notebook, a pen and bring all of your questions; as there is a wealth of knowledge out there that many of us enjoy sharing with you!
The Arts of the Angler is a full feature fly fishing show in an elegant atmosphere. Here one will find the finest contemporary and collectible fly fishing tackle and accessories, fly tying materials and display flies, books, gifts, destinations, instruction, guiding and services for the fly fishing community. Saturday features a silent auction with items sure to be of interest to the discerning collector and aficionado. “

Nicole March of The Quilted Tyer will be giving a fly tying demonstration this Saturday November 4th, 2017 at 1pm during Arts of the Angler

“Adding more movement to your nymphs and Emergers”

Nicole may have a soft spot for tying and fishing soft hackles and streamers, but doesn’t like to to limit herself to becoming an expert on any one subject. For her, it’s more about becoming a well-rounded fly tyer and fly fisher, so as to adapt to different conditions on the water.

A few years ago she wanted to do more to help others who were new to tying and fishing, and signed up with the local Project Healing Waters chapter. Project Healing Waters quickly became something that herself, as well as other participants in her group, look forward to with every new meeting and outing. She tries to come up with fun and informative lessons when teaching, and enjoys seeing the enthusiasm, especially when what was taught in class, is being utilized on the water during a trip.

Whether it’s a fly tying demonstration or TU presentation shes giving, Nicole enjoys the interactions, history and discussions, and always; encourage as many questions as possible. “I love knowing this is a never-ending learning experience, and will continue to share and help others. When someone tells me they are finally comfortable asking questions they had once been afraid to ask, thinking they would be laughed at or considered a ‘newbie’ or ‘beginner’, it reminds me why I enjoy what I do, and why I continue to teach.”

Nicole March is an active member of the Catskill Fly Tyers Guild, the Assistant Project Lead for PHWFF New City, New York, creates step-by-step fly tying tutorials for Dette Trout Flies and also works as the Event Specialist for the Catskill Fly Fishing Center and Museum.
She recently created a youth coloring & activity book called “Its all about Fly Fishing”, and is a pro team member with Regal Vise, Lagartun and Flymen Fishing Company.
Nicole maintains a blog at http://www.thequiltedtyer.com

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