About Me

Photo Credit: Hodgman

Well.. Id like to begin somewhere but I wouldn’t know where to start; so ill just start with this:

I’m just your average person who works 2 jobs; sometimes 3 and enjoys her quiet time spent on the water, while simultaneously goofing off.

I work a few different jobs, and of them is extremely rewarding, because I get to help breast cancer survivors feel a little bit more like they had, before they were diagnosed with cancer.

Since 2008 I have been working with/for numerous plastic surgeons in the New York/Connecticut region to help put the finishing touches on breast cancer reconstruction.

Over those years I have been creating realistic and natural looking 3-Dimensional Areola Tattoos over the existing scars and/or reconstructed areas. Some of These areas are where the surgeon has created a protruding nipple with a skin graft; but there is no color and there’s no dimension around the area.  That is where the tattooing comes in.

Some of the tattooing I do is not only to add pigment around a reconstructed skin area, it is also to give the illusion of the nipple on another wise completely flat surface, so that tattooing can take place of Extra surgery that would have Been done to create that protrusion.

The pigment correction is not limited only to breast reconstruction through the findings of cancer, I also do pigmentation correction for women (and men) who have had breast lifts, reductions and augmentation.

My work is done in a clean and sterile environment in the surgeons office itself and I do this work with more than a few important things in mind. One of which is to camouflage the scars, but There are many different aspects that go into A successful scar camouflage. And for me one of those things; is to always keep the patients preferences of the end result; in mind.

Every Woman’s story is different just as every woman’s reconstruction is different, which is why I like to personalize every tattoo as much as I can as per the wishes of my patients.

When I am not working I enjoy many activities. Fly fishing, Ice fishing, fly tying, watercolor, camping, hiking, hunting, 35mm photography, target shooting, painting, quilting, sewing, reading, cooking and the list goes on and on.

Yes; I get nervous during the beginning of photo shoots, interviews and fly tying presentations,  it’s just life.

I don’t bring you this page claiming to be an expert or a professional, I bring you this page because I enjoy what I do. I am not one to never make a mistake or never ask for help. I am just myself, and I tend to be quite goofy most of the time.

I love to learn and read, to further my knowledge, feel quite at home surrounded by a stack of reference books and prefer to be behind the camera, not in front of it.

But what I enjoy the most; is teaching.

My name is Nicole March and over the last few years I have become rather obsessed in the art, the history and the never ending learning experience that is fly tying and fly fishing.

Over this time I have met many different people who share the same interests.  We tie together at different shows, we trade materials, share patterns, tying and fishing tips, volunteer our time and have a lot of fun together.

For me it’s what is so great about tying and fishing, because just like anything else that you enjoy, it is a never ending learning experience. These people you meet become your extended family.

I am on the Regal Vise Pro Staff and was recently invited to become part of the Lagartun Pro Staff,which in my eyes, are two great companies that put alot of hark work into the teaching aspects of fly tying. I am the assistant Project Lead to the New City, NY PHWFF chapter, and  created the artwork and story-line for a children’s coloring and activity book for the Catskill Fly fishing center and museum, called “It’s All about Fly Fishing” 

I was recently hired as the Event Specialist for the Catskill Fly Fishing Center and Museum, and am a contributor to the  Dette Trout Flies fly tying tutorials. I am an active member of The Catskill Fly Tyers Guild.and run their social media pages.Which is an excellent group to join if you are into learning new and old patterns! Along with teaching and preservation of the history of fly fishing in the Catskills, it’s a fun group. We are quite the diverse bunch and have a great deal of laughs to go along with our fly tying at the shows.

But Most importantly for me, A few years ago I became involved  with an organization called Project Healing Waters and it is one of the things I look forward to all the time.

When you can take this knowledge you’ve acquired and use it to help someone else get started; to me is what it’s about.

There are many aspects of tying and fishing that we all enjoy, and in my case its always been the never ending learning experience. There is a wealth of information out there and to further my knowledge through books, seminars, demonstrations and just all around trial and error is only part of it; because the enjoyment of absorbing that knowledge goes hand in hand with being able teach what I know.

It’s Being able to say to someone “Don’t worry about making mistakes, don’t worry about those hand tremors, don’t worry about the coordination issues, don’t worry about laughing so hard that you break your thread and don’t ever worry about thinking your questions are stupid because that’s not the case. None of that matters.” We all began as beginners and as far as I’m concerned I will always be a beginner because I’m always willing to further my knowledge, and ask others those so called “stupid” questions”.

I hear participants in my group tell me on their first day that they “can’t” do this or that they will “never” be able to do that because of a certain disability, or because they don’t think they know enough; even though it’s something they have always wanted to learn.

And when I see them come back for a second session all excited when they realize that this is something that they CAN do?

That is what matters.

To see our group coming out for a weekend of fishing in the Catskills, laughing, asking questions, flipping over rocks,screaming down river to me as I’m walking up “everything we were learning makes even more sense now! Look, trout was splashing loud when he took a bug, that means it’s probably an emerger not a dry right? Because he’s chasing it up towards the surface?”
That Excitement is what matters.

And to Be able to see someone else gain some peace of mind on the river, while laughing, learning, asking questions and enjoying their newly found obsession; when weeks before the were telling me they “can’t”?

Is really what matters.

Currently I run the Fly tying program and casting lessons for my local PHWFF chapter and I hope that this site helps some of our veterans in our groups, and any and everyone else who comes across this site and wishes to further their education and skills behind the vise.