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Outdoor Wanderings: Sundays aren’t always sucker-free!

For many fishermen, suckers aren’t something that you purposely go out and target. Especially not on a river that’s famous for big, wild, brown trout. But not too long ago on the Delaware river, that’s exactly what happened. We had made the drive from our place to the Catskills with all the usual ‘trout fishing’ intentions you would expect to find in a truck loaded down with gear. Two of us day dreaming about huge trout spooling line off of our screaming reels as we sorted our fly boxes the night before.

But like many last minute decisions that cause you to arrive late in a popular fishing hole, we were far from alone. Combat fishing. There were guys hiding in the bushes waiting for risers, others giving us the death stare just for existing, So we stood there. We stood there with blank looks on our faces, finishing up a half eaten bag of Doritos and making an unenthusiastic attempt on deciding where to go now. Upriver or not, to avoid the now growing crowd of spectators who were eyeballing us in the chance we left so they could move on in.

Without a thought in my head aside from wondering what kind of moron wears flip flops when I know damn well there are plenty of spiders running full speed over these rocks. ::Puke:: As I glanced upwards and out of the corner of my eye, about to make a comment, I caught a glimpse of the dark shadows moving in the pool at the bottom of the riffle.

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A great book to embrace your cabin fever and a few reflections on my so-called childhood ‘fort’. Book review:”Winter World. The ingenuity of animal survival”

When I started writing this, there was at least a foot of fresh snow on the ground with more in the forecast and the animals were heading back to doing whatever it is they do during this time of the year. Yet a week ago it was pushing 60 degrees in winter and I was in a t-shirt dreaming of small mouth bass fishing.

I began wondering if they were now suddenly confused. Did they animals start to think it was the beginnings of spring? Hungrily eating all of what they had stored in joy, hopping out of their shelter in anticipation that it was April. Only to find that when the temperature dropped to a chilly 10 degrees the next day, they would return to their barren dens, and immediately question those poor life decisions they made in haste? Or did they know better. Did they instinctively know that this was just a freak occurrence? Just a brief three day warm up so they can look for stale bagels and old french fries at the bottom of a parking lot dumpster in suburbia?

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Idle Hands: “The Good Luck Buck Quilt”

There was no way to turn completely around without it fleeing.

But I tried anyway.

It was at my 7:00, almost directly behind me eating in the tree line and i began to turn around at a snails pace. As soon as it was in the corner of my eye sight i heard a snort and it took off. Crashing through the bushes, antlers breaking branches, hooves clicking against the rocks. I immediately yelled “HOLY S?!T! I told you there’d be a big one around today!”

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Outdoor Wanderings: “The Stowaways!”

Well, what started as a last minute day off, scouting for a new bass fishing spot.. Turned into.. A couple of stowaway ducklings?! So after me giggling like a 4 year old about how cute they were, we launched the boat and took off in search of monster bass. At that point we realized there… Continue reading Outdoor Wanderings: “The Stowaways!”

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CFFCM Summerfest 2016.. and the mystery box!

Another summer, another year at Summerfest! Every year the Catskill Fly Fishing Center and Museum holds their annual Summerfest. This is a fun celebration for the whole family where they hold a Hardy Cup Bamboo Rod Casting Competition along with fiberglass and graphite which is open to everyone, a barbecue (this year was a pig… Continue reading CFFCM Summerfest 2016.. and the mystery box!