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Idle Hands: “My contribution to a mini quilt swap”

A Quilters guild that I had been a member of before I moved, had a large number of quilters who lived all across the United States. During one of our meetings I heard that we had a sign up sheet for a mini quilt swap. I decided to join and see what I could come up with, then I realized that it was a secret swap in which you had no contact to your recipient until you finished. We were all given the Instagram name of our partner and had to go off of clues they left you there or just come up with your own idea.

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Idle Hands: Fall Sewing Recap and some trick-or-treat bags!

Winter is here and Christmas is around the corner!

As I am currently working on finishing up some holiday and winter projects I can’t help but think about the ones I finished (and didnt finish) in fall. Theres just something about fall fabric that you cant help but collect!

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Idle Hands: “Weighed Fly Tying Scrap Bags”

When you get tired of constantly having to drag the garbage can over at home and making a mess at tying shows, you break out that sewing machine and sew some weighted scrap bins! I will have these for sale online and at shows in many different patterns including flies, trout, bass, camping, ect. Close… Continue reading Idle Hands: “Weighed Fly Tying Scrap Bags”

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Idle Hands: “The Good Luck Buck Quilt”

There was no way to turn completely around without it fleeing.

But I tried anyway.

It was at my 7:00, almost directly behind me eating in the tree line and i began to turn around at a snails pace. As soon as it was in the corner of my eye sight i heard a snort and it took off. Crashing through the bushes, antlers breaking branches, hooves clicking against the rocks. I immediately yelled “HOLY S?!T! I told you there’d be a big one around today!”