My YouTube Channel is live!

Long time no posting! While many things were put on a back burner during quarantine, others have just begun! I’m excited to finally get this YouTube channel up and running and I have many tying tutorials to share with you in the very near future, so please check out the link and be sure to subscribe!

The passing of Robert Hopken

As this comes as a shock to so many of us at this time, I am deeply saddened to announce the recent passing Robert Hopken on Saturday December 7th, 2019.

Free Regal Fly Tying Class! March 4th 2018

❄️When the snow is falling and the rivers are high there’s no better way to shake off that cabin fever than by tying a few new patterns to stock those boxes. ❄️

I will be teaching two patterns this Sunday, March 4 at Ramsey outdoor in Succasunna New Jersey and the class is free! Just bring your vise and tools and come on down!