What is Entomology 101?

The time spent on the water not only during our outings with Project Healing Waters but also for most of us in general is taking a look before we take a cast.

Then again Some days The sheer number of insects that you will encounter on the side of the river can be mind boggling and for the most part, when you’re done being overwhelmed and fumbling for that perfect fly when there are fish rising all around you.. you take a deep breath.. You simply open your fly box and Say to yourself ..”close enough” 

Hey, it happens! And it’s not always a bad things. 

Through “Entomology 101” as pages are added; I hope that new fly fishers, Tyers and PHWFF Participants from our group enjoy learning a little bit more about the insects we try so hard to imitate.

 I will also include links to books and pattern tutorials as well as other info throughout the site.