The Quilted Tyer: Fly Pattern Library

I have been working on a better way to streamline the searching of patterns on my blog and decided that permanent pages are the way to go. You will still receive email alerts when a new one is listed, but the step-by-steps will be permanent pages that will be categorized

(Pardon the appearance this section is Under construction. Please sign up for email alerts and you will be notified when everything is back up and running, mid Sept 2019 )

Crayfish and Creature Fly Patterns

Dry Fly Patterns

Step by Step Tutorials can be found by clicking on the pattern.    

Emerger Patterns

Isonychia Wiggle Nymph

Jig Nymph Patterns

      Jigs are great patterns to get down deep without the constant hangups when you are nymphing. Click on the photos for pattern information and step by steps!   Jig Pattern Photo Gallery:      

Lightweight Nymph Patterns

Lightweight nymph patterns area great as they can be drifted just below the surface. Click on the patterns below for step by step tutorials! Photo Gallery:

Soft Hackle Fly Patterns

Step by step and pattern recipes can be found by clicking the photos below: Soft Hackle fly gallery:

The Royal Coachman Streamer

Streamer Patterns

Click on the photos for step by step tutorials!    

Weighted Nymph Patterns

How to get the most out of my site:

As fly patterns and step-by-steps are posted throughout the blog site, the pages will be updated, including the separate section for what we taught during each of our P.H.W.F.F. New City New York group; in case you want to go over something that you missed, or just to learn a new pattern.

These pages are open to anyone who is looking to learn

Oh each blog page you will also find clickable links throughout my tutorials. For example:

Wrap the Hackle

“Wrap the Hackle”

The text above will be highlighted because if you’re having any trouble or have questions in regards to how to wrap the hackle, you can freely click that link and it will bring you to the fly tying 101 page specifically for wrapping soft hackles.

There will be no need to search the site trying to find out where you saw it last, and I will do my best to keep those links going throughout the site for anyone who needs to brush up on their skills.

A note on clicking links for fly tying 101:

I have the links set so that they open in a new tab “this way you can have both windows open at the same time side-by-side want to teach you had time and one for help.

And If you find that there are things you want to know in regards to tying, if there’s a certain pattern that you were looking for a tutorial on please contact me to the contact section on his page and I will do my best to help put one together for you.

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