The Moosemane Olive

“The Moosemane Olive”

“The Moosemane Olive”

Hook: Nymph Hook #14-18

Tail: Pheasant Tail Fibers

Body: Two strands of olive moose mane (one dark one light)

Thorax: Rabbit/Squirrel mix in olive and natural

Wing Case: Folded over pheasant tail

I’m a big fan of trying to come up with  generic patterns and this little guy here has proven to be a great one! These flies, when tied very small, will imitate blue wing olive nymphs, and can be tied larger to imitate a variety of others mayflies.

Back view of the Moosemane Olive

I like to tie these on a heavier hook and then as needed I douse them with a little floatant as it will allow them to ride higher in the water column and can work well on a swing during a hatch.  Many mayflies are taken under the surface before ever breaking the surface and swinging them is a good way to get a trouts attention when they are targeting emergers.

Moosemane: when using alternate strands, it will give you that segmented look


“The Moosemane Olive”
A great generic nymph

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