Fly Tying 101

I have put together this Fly Tying 101 page with the hopes that someone who is new to the art of fly tying or simply looking to brush up on their skills, can go back to when the need for help arises. This 101 will also aide participants in my Kids On the Fly and P.H.W.F.F. New City, New York programs.


I also want to say a few works to those of you who may get frustrated with your tying. The bottom line is that “We all began as beginners” and fly tying should be fun. I have also posted some of my first flies here for you to take a look at as well if you begin to feel discouraged.

This is by no means a complete list, and I will continue to add to it but the pages will cover some of the basic techniques that you will need to get started tying your own flies. If you are looking for the Fly Pattern Library or the Tips and Tricks pages; they can be found by clicking the highlighted names in this sentence.

Click on any highlighted link to be taken to the page.

Fly Tying 101

The basic tools to get you started

How to load a bobbin

Starting your thread

Creating a slide loop

Split thread dubbing loop

Tying off your materials

Measuring and securing soft tailing

How to wrap a soft hackle

As fly patterns and general discussions are posted throughout the blog site, the pages will be updated, including the separate section for what we taught during each of our P.H.W.F.F. New City New York group and Kids on the Fly group; in case you want to go over something that you missed, or just to learn a new pattern.

These pages are open to anyone who is looking to learn

How to get the most out of my step-by-steps

Oh each page you will also find a clickable link. For example:

Wrap the Hackle

“Wrap the Hackle”

When going through one of my tutorials, you will see various words and phrases highlighted. For example, the text “Wrap the hackle” above is highlighted because if you’re having any trouble or have some questions in regards to how to wrap it around the hook, you can freely click that link and it will bring you to the fly tying 101 page specifically for wrapping soft hackles.

There will be no need to search the site trying to find out where you saw it last, and I will do my best to keep those links going throughout the site for anyone who needs to brush up on their skills.

I have the links set so that they will open in a new window. This way you can have both windows open at the same time side-by-side as you continue with your pattern.

More tutorials on the way!

Creating a head on your fly

Creating a dubbing loop

Securing your hook in the vise

Working with beads and the proper way to put them on your hook

Creating a dubbing noodle

Cleaning your hook eye

Stacking deer hair

Mixing dubbing

Using hackle pliers

How to counter wrap

Lashing dumbell eyes to your hook

Using a dubbing spinner


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  1. Ric Angelicola says:

    Great stuff. Very creative. Perfect for beginners and for those who want to check their technique. I love your solutions for long soft hackle. Very practical. Such a common problem. Thanks

    Liked by 1 person

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