Fly Tying Tips and Tricks

There are many small adjustments you can make while tying that will allow you to handle your materials much easier. On the other hand, at some point you will come to realize that there are certain materials that will give you a great deal of problems at first. Some may even take you to the breaking point where you find yourself shoving that package of material in a tying bin somewhere, cursing yourself for wasting the money and wishing you never bought it.

With these fly tying tips and tricks, I hope to help you change your thought process when it comes to the materials you have trouble with. Many of the problems tyers have are not because they are using the material wrong, it may be that they have a different technique than someone else.

Many of my tutorials also have trouble shooting photos included. I hope that by utilizing the information within these pages, you can find new ways to work with those materials that you had once given up on.

Working with floss: (with trouble shooting photos)

How to trap a turkey biot (with troubleshooting photos)

The importance of a uniform underbody (with trouble shooting photos)

How to wrap a polish quill (with troubleshooting photos)

 Keeping Mayfly Tails Separated

How to prep material that contains a center cord (Estaz, Chenille ect.)

Working with Flymen Wiggle Shanks for Articulated nymphs

Using “Reel Wings” spinner wings

Working with slotted beads and Jig hooks

How to wrap a soft hackle

Techniques to shorten soft hackle fibers: Part 1

Techniques to shorten soft hackle fibers: Part 2

How to get the most out of my step-by-steps

Oh each page you will also find a clickable link. For example:

Wrap the Hackle

“Wrap the Hackle”

When going through one of my tutorials, you will see various words and phrases highlighted. For example, the text “Wrap the hackle” above is highlighted because if you’re having any trouble or have some questions in regards to how to wrap it around the hook, you can freely click that link and it will bring you to the fly tying 101 page specifically for wrapping soft hackles.

There will be no need to search the site trying to find out where you saw it last, and I will do my best to keep those links going throughout the site for anyone who needs to brush up on their skills.

I have the links set so that they will open in a new window. This way you can have both windows open at the same time side-by-side as you continue with your pattern.

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