General Information on my Custom Fly Tying Scrap Bins

Last year while tying at my bench, I realized how aggravating it was to always have to reach under the table to put my clippings in, or when I tied at shows; scrounging around looking for an empty paper cup so that my bench wasn’t a mess. Which in turn created another eye sore; basically the paper cup full of clipped feathers. Remembering one I had made for my sewing bench, I messed with the pattern a little more and came up with one that would work better for fly tying!

Weighted Fly Tying Scrap Bin
Weighted Fly Tying Scrap Bin

I made a few test patterns for me and my husband to use at home. And over the last year I have tried to perfect them before selling them online.

I have had quite a deal of interest recently and at this time, and am trying as hard as I can to meet up with the demand, so please bare with me, as my Etsy Shop isn’t fully stocked just yet.  Anything there that is listed “Ready to ship” will ship out immediately on the next business day. I have been taking custom orders through Instagram and email at the moment and wanted to take a few moments to explain how the bins work and what the pricing is. I have a wide range of fabrics with more coming in every week so please take a look; and If you don’t see what you want do not hesitate to ask. I fabric shop once a week as well as order online every two weeks.

My bins currently come in 2 different styles. Weighted and Unweighted

The Weighted Fly Tying Bin

This is where it all started and the one I find to be the most useful as it can be placed anywhere. I currently have a few ” Ready to Ship” fly tying bins are scrap bins that are already put together, listed on Etsy, priced and ready to ship next day. Shipping is calculated at checkout These bins can NOT be customized as they are finished products, but if you a ready made one you like; feel free to let me know and I can make you one to your liking.

Every ready made bin is made with 100% cotton fabric and the bin is held open with a flexible boning material that will hold its shape. Every WEIGHTED scrap bin comes with a top piece that has an area of non-slip/non-adhesive material sewn in underneath in to keep the bag from sliding off of the table. Safe for use on many surfaces such as glass and wooden table tops, cloth and vinyl tablecloths, wood benches, ect.

The UNWEIGHTED Fly Tying Bin

These bins are great for the fly tyer who has limited desk top space because they tie on a secondary fly tying tabletop such as a heavy weight mat or those who want to tie with the bin directly in front of them. I tie on a Regal with the heavy base so the standard size unweighted piece is made to fit under the same Regal base. Custom orders can be made in almost any size needed. I have made them to fit under many different sized vise bases in the past so please contact me for an order.

These bins are made to slip between the two surfaces and can be moved around as needed. These do NOT come with non slip backing as they will be held in place by the pressure from the top of your tying table. These bins start at 45$ as well due to the doubled amount of fabric needed for the top. Other price variations are dependent on your fabric choices and accessory options.  All custom orders can be made in this style so please contact me for more information.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, but please contact me first to find out shipping costs, as they are extremely varied based on country; as is the time it takes to receive them.

“How big are they?”

The WEIGHTED top that sits on/under the bench is approximately 3.5″ X 5″ but may be a little larger depending on fabric. The UNWEIGHTED option is 6″ x 8″ and made to fit under a Regal base but the bin size is the same. The opening of the scrap bins are approximately 4″ to 4.5″ across and hang between 6″ and 6.5″ off of the table. A great size to be useful yet out of the way at the same time. I like to keep mine to the side of my bench while I tie so I only need to extend my hand over to drop materials in. Please contact me for custom top piece sizes.

Are there any additional features I can add?

Yes! I can add a magnetic spot on the top of your bin for an additional price. While I don’t find this a necessity as we have plenty of safer places to leave a pair of scissors, I do find it useful at times.

Patches Option:

The $5.00 add a patch option can not be combined with the magnetic one as there will not be enough room but is a nice way to jazz up some patterns. Please contact me to find out which patches I currently have in stock.

One other option that CAN be added even to ready to ship bins; is the matching fabric covered Velcro option for $3.00. This is a great way to control unruly material such as EP fibers or Z-lon. I cover the second piece with matching fabric that will coordinate with your order. This way you can recover it when you travel or when not in use.

*I leave both sides of the Velcro attached to the bin for shipping purposes, but before use please HOLD DOWN on the Velcro that is attached to the fabric and then pull the other one off. This will keep the whole thing from being stripped off the bag itself as sometimes we don’t know our own strength. The 2nd piece doesn’t need to be placed back on but I have covered it in a piece of fabric just in-case you want to re-cover it when traveling.

Can you customize my order?

Absolutely! Please contact me at, through Facebook, Instagram or Etsy for all inquiries. I can add patches to them, magnetic spots on the top piece and even sew your bin together in your companies own logo laden fabric!  All custom orders will need to be confirmed by you before the final stitching and shipping to ensure the highest customer satisfaction.

Why do prices vary with my fabric choice?

Fabrics which are widely available locally will keep the price virtually the same even with most custom orders. The reason some specific fabrics cost more is due to shipping costs and limited local availability. While I do my best to keep the bins affordable, Certain bins which have a single larger specific design used front and center, require me to cut the picture to fit; in turn means I only use some of the fabric and the rest is cut away.

When creating a custom bin on I will discuss price options with you before creating the bin and once you approve the final design I will create it and then send you a custom order link via etsy. Once paid I will ship your order within one business day and you will receive a tracking number. As always, please contact me with any questions before purchasing and. All costs aside from shipping will be disclosed before I create your order. I will also need your address to calculate shipping for your papal invoice. Etsy orders calculate it on their own.

Do you combine shipping?

Yes. For 2 or more bins I will use a Flat Rate USPS box that will be significantly less than if you ordered them all separately.

How do I know which fabrics will look good together?

I do my best to help everyone decide what fabrics will mesh well together, and Have added a few combinations for now that may catch your eye. More will be added weekly! Once again please contact me so that I can help you with any custom orders. I will also update the blog with more fabrics so please sign up for my email list! Scroll down to the bottom of this page to view currently available fabrics.

Can you make me a bin on my own company logo laden fabric?

Absolutely! The logos must be printed on 100% cotton quilting fabric and I will need a certain amount which will be discussed ahead of time. Fabric amounts will be based upon number of bins and size of logo as it may have to be positioned a certain way.

Can you add my own Logo Patch to my order?

Yes! Please contact me directly and we can go over the dimensions of your logo patch to be sure it will fit on the top of your bin.

Can I buy these in shops?

Yes! The ready made bins are available at Dette Flies in Livingston Manor NY. These can also be purchased from me in person at fly tying shows.

How long will it take to complete my custom order?

I do my best to take orders throughout the week, communicating with you back and forth to create your custom bin. Once you have approved the layout of your design, I will give you a price and I will add it to the list of orders to finish. If you have requested I mail order special fabric, I will begin as soon as it arrives in my mail. When your bin is complete I will send you a photo for the final approval before an invoice is sent to you for payment. Your order will ship out within 2-3 business days of payment.

Due to the current demand, turn around time for custom orders will be 2-3 weeks at this time, but may be sooner so please Contact me for more information.

How will I pay for my custom order?

When your bin is complete I will send you a photo for the final approval before a custom order link via Etsy is sent to you. Your order will ship out within 2-3 business days of that received payment and you will receive a tracking number when it ships.

How long soon do they ship and how long will it take to receive it?

The “Ready to ship bins” on Etsy will ship within 1-2 business days.

Shipping prices will vary and while I do ship USPS 2 to 3 day priority; there are factors beyond my control (weather, traffic, natural disasters. ect.) that may change delivery time once the package has left my hands and is in the care of the post office Please contact me Immediately with any delivery issues.

Cleaning and Care Instructions:

* Spot clean only with a damp cloth, do not launder due to weighted material

* Even though the Flexible insert used to keep bin open has the ability to be carefully bent back into shape if it were to become accidentally compressed while traveling, I still recommend crumpling up a ball of newspaper and putting it inside the bin to help keep the boning from kinking shape when being packed for a trip.

* Keep away from open flames

* Keep scrap bin away from small children and pets. Even though the weighted material is nontoxic; It contains small parts and could be accidentally ingested in the event of it ripping open with a hook, bodkin, scissor or other sharp objects.

* If by chance you find a loose thread, simply snip it off close to the fabric with a pair of scissors DO NOT PULL


* The non-slip/non-adhesive material has been tested on a wide variety of different hard surfaces to ensure it will not leave marks/adhere, yet there is no way to test every material known to man. Please keep this in mind when leaving the bag in the same place for a long period of time.

* For tabletop use only. Do not leave bag on vise bases


Be careful when leaving things on the magnetic top as you can rip a hole in the fabric. I have reinforced the underside of the top fabric holding the magnet to make it more durable but is NOT puncture resistant.


*I leave both sides of the velcro attached to the bin for shipping purposes, but before use please HOLD DOWN on the velcro that is attached to the fabric and then pull the other one off. This will keep the whole thing from being stripped off the bag itself as sometimes we don’t know our own strength. The 2nd piece doesn’t need to be placed back on but I have covered it in a piece of fabric just in case you want to re-cover it for traveling.


There are a few ways to pack up your bag for travel but the best way to keep it in good shape it to lay it flat on table and flip the weighted section over and lay it INSIDE the bin. You can then crumble up a ball of newspaper and stick It in side the bin as well. This will keep it from being totally crushed in your luggage.

Thank you so much for all the interest and orders in which I have received for my weighted fly tying scrap bins! Please bare with me as I am doing my best to catch up with all of the orders and to add ready made bins to the Etsy shop!

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