Welcome to The Quilted Tyer! The idea behind this blog started as a way to have a central location with separate sections for the different things going on with these idle hands. Everything from Quilting, Fly Tying, Fishing, Hiking, Book Reviews, Sewing, Cooking, Camping, Target Shooting, Hunting and the list goes on and on.. but the most important part feature of this Blog is that it will be educational.

There is also a section for our Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing group which is based out of New City, New York!

The Project Healing Waters, New City New York section will be complete with a summary after each group with easy access to clicking on my fly tying 101, trout talk, info, history, and different step by step tying patterns that will correspond with what we went over in class, and much more! 

The patterns will be posted with clickable links in the directions that will take you back to a specific technique. There’s no more back tracking through a site if you need a little extra help while you further your skills. I will have them set so that clicking one in the middle of a step by step will open in a new window, so that you can easily have two browsers open side by side.
And to whomever has stumbled upon this site I wish you a warm welcome to the world of fly tying! Feel Free to contact me with any questions via email, or leave a comment below a post.


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