What is Material Talk 101?

The only obsession bigger than tying flies is our love for accumulating the material to do so. 😂

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When I first started tying flies the material I began with came from when I bought a kit. And still to this day for anyone who is looking to begin I would just find a simple kid to start with it will give you the basic tools, material, patterns, usually a DVD and get you off on a good foot.

I remember the first day I tied my first fly and I still have a photo of it. I remember driving as fast as I could so that I could open up the fly tying kit. Then I made a pot of coffee in laid all the materials out on the table.

I sorted them And I looked through some of my books about material then I tried to figure out what to do with what I had.

Once realizing how much fun it was i literally burned through the entire kit in one afternoon. So I got up dumped out my cup of cold coffee which was now full of deer hair and Marabou and went out in search of some more supplies that afternoon.

And so began my search for more knowledgable and material, A few years later I’m still accumulating material as many of us are only we are a little smarter about it.

I hope that in the pages of “Material 101” as they are added, new Tyers and participants in our PHWFF group will all be able to gain a better insight into different materials and how they are used. I will also include links to patterns that correspond to the materials.

Happy tying!