Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing; New City, New York

This page and its sections are dedicated to help aide as a central web location for our Project Healing Waters group in New City, New York.

Over the years our chapter has grown into a large extended family of volunteers and participants, and its always exciting to see new veterans attending each meeting. We have different members from all walks of life and everyone has a different level of familiarity with fly tying and fly fishing at any given time, which is what makes it such an exciting learning experience.

All around the room you’ll see and hear everyone helping eachother, learning from one another and new comers have a great deal in comfort knowing that its ok to join one of our meetings never having picked up a tying tool or fly rod before.

One of my favorite sayings when it comes to fly tying (or anything we are enthusiastic about learning for that matter) is that “We all began as beginners.” every one of us. I myself am no exception, I am always learning more and always thrilled to pick up a new book or watch a presentation so that I can further my knowledge.

My hope in starting this section is that our current PHWFF New City New York Participants, volunteers, veterans who are interested in joining, and lovers of all things fly fishing can take something away from this page and its contents.