What is Fly Tying 101?

I have put together this Fly Tying 101 page with the hopes that anyone who is new to the art of fly tying, (someone who wants to brush up on their skills) and/or our P.H.W.F.F. New City, New York participants who have been following along in our class lesson plans; can have a central location to go back to when the need for help arises.

I have it setup in different sections that you may access from the main menu, or from here. (Keep in mind that the main menu has more options, this is just for quick linking)

PHWFF New City- Fly Tying Patterns

Fly Tying 101

Fly Tying -“Material Talk”

Fly Tying- “Tips and Tricks”

As fly patterns and general discussions are posted throughout the blog site, the pages will be updated, including the separate section for what we taught during each of our P.H.W.F.F. New City New York group; in case you want to go over something that you missed, or just to learn a new pattern.

These pages are open to anyone who is looking to learn

Oh each page you will also find a clickable link. For example:

Wrap the Hackle

“Wrap the Hackle”

that text above will be highlighted because if you’re having any trouble or have some questions in regards to how to wrap it around the hook, you can freely click that link and it will bring you to the fly tying 101 page specifically for wrapping soft hackles.

There will be no need to search the site trying to find out where you saw it last, and I will do my best to keep those links going throughout the site for anyone who needs to brush up on their skills.

A note on clicking links for fly tying 101:

I have the links set so that they open in a new tab “this way you can have both windows open at the same time side-by-side want to teach you had time and one for help.

And If you find that there are things you want to know in regards to tying, if there’s a certain pattern that you were looking for a tutorial on please contact me to the contact section on his page and I will do my best to help put one together for you.