What is Trout talk 101?

If trout could talk.. Surely They’d make some days on the water a lot easier. Hell, Maybe they would even call us up the night before and say “hey stay home and cut the lawn today, we’re just not biting.”

Then again where would the fun be in that?

We’d all miss out on going to bed late because we were really trying to go to bed early.. because we are too excited and not being able to sleep at the thought of heading out real early with the thermos full of coffee and lunch packed just to spend the day on the river…

We’d miss out on Spending that time when we get there; looking around taking in whatever it is that we see, the pending weather coming ahead, the bugs crawling on the rocks are flying to the air, andddd The fact that you probably left your dry fly floating in your other vest…

The bottom line is that in reality when you catch fish you learn what works but even when you don’t you learn what didn’t work that day.

 I hope that though “Trout Talk 101” as more pages are added, that new fly fishers and PHWFF alike will be able to learn a little bit more about the behavior of trout. The way they feed, behave, reproduce,act when weather changes, ect.and be able to take that information with them to the river.